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I just returned from the Costa Rica Coast to Coast to Coast with EF Tours.

This tour was overall a terrible experience. The horrible accommodations overshadowed any positive experience that may have been had. The hotels were falsely depicted according to the websites and to what we were told to expect. We missed a flight in Houston due a delay in Little Rock on our travel day into Costa Rica. We had to stay in Houston overnight and missed almost a day of our tour. There was no talk of making that up. We arrived and had a very rude EF Tour guide substitute. He called any and everyone down in front of the entire group if someone talked while he was talking. It was inappropriate and humiliating to the kids as they were trying to ask questions and acclimate to the new conditions and what was going on.

At the first hotel, the pictures on the website were nothing like the real rooms. And no where did it say that there was no air conditioning. We were told that every hotel had air conditioning. This place was worse than a church camp. I had students come to my room extremely upset and tearful saying they wanted to go home and they paid too much money for this. I calmed them down and did not express my thoughts, but offered encouragement. I paid full price and was not considered a chaperone. The water was almost scorching temperature in the showers and my roommate got ill from the heat. I feel that she had a heat stroke. We were concerned about the safety of her young son taking a shower and being scalded.

At another hotel, there was rain dripping through the ceilings and onto our faces as we slept, water stains and mold/mildew growing on the ceilings, tape over holes in the ceiling, roaches crawling on the walls and beds, animal *** in the night stand drawers, toilets that were leaking water onto the floor and just pure filth found throughout the rooms. The conditions were deplorable and when I tried to let the management know about the roaches , they laughed. One student had ants crawling all over her bed and pillow. She reported it, someone came and sprayed Raid all over the bed, and said, "There," and walked out. They left the dead ants and the chemicals used to kill them in place for her to sleep on. In no way is this acceptable. The food at this hotel was bad, undercooked, and extremely small portions with not choices at all. One server in the food line made fun of a boy's weight, making gestures that he was large when he returned for seconds. These are growing boys who were burning a lot of calories on the hikes and activities that we paid for. He was hungry and she humiliated him .

To put us all in hotels that were absolutely disgusting is unacceptable. We paid a lot of money for this trip and my two children that went on the trip too worked and paid their own money as well. I expected much better things and am extremely disappointed.

Kalexander wrote the review because of not as described at EF Educational Tours and attached photo s. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants EF Educational Tours to offer any options to resolve the issue.

The most disappointing in user's experience was hotels, food, false advertisement and being overcharged. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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This was the Costa Rica trip? Did you all go to Nicaragua too?

Jenks, Oklahoma, United States #1206273

I filed a complaint against them with the Attorney Generals MA office and the BBB. I encourage you to do the same. They don't care about bad reviews...

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