Jasper, Georgia
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This company is shockingly poor. They don't care about quality or safety in their tours.

We've been through some horrible experiences, including drunken tour guides, being left alone for several hours in the middle of a city in the rain immediately after getting off our flight, hotels in which not enough room reservations have been made (they initially suggested that we sleep in the parking lot), abysmal meals, constant and steady pressure to purchase upgrades while on tour, a disappearing tour guide who abandoned our group before all the students were inside the museum gates (without tickets!), and eventually being told that EF can't meet our demanding standards (to basically not do these things!). As it turns out, LOTS of other educational travel companies actually can provide safe tours with excellent guides, and many are within similar price ranges, so thankfully, we are now very happy with our new company.

EF is now a cautionary tale. They are truly terrible, and only care about dollars, rather than the safety of your students.

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